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in with the new

We did it! We bought another boat, and I think this may have been our fastest turn around yet. As I sit here, on Christmas day, I am realizing that it was 37 days since we sold our trimaran, visited family in Washington and Hawaii, drove to Florida and purchased the new ole' girl!

It all happened so fast I still sometimes wake up and think I am on the trimaran. One reason the deal happened so quickly was the holidays. The gentleman that owned the boat is a missionary in Haiti and was only back for one week. In fact, he had said he was getting a ton of calls on the boat, but the yard wasn't showing it and we just happened to be persistent enough that the yard called him to get me off their backs! Score one for nagging!

We feel like we got a great deal on her at $13,000 (she was listed for $15,500). She has a newer Beta Marine engine, new rigging, newer canvas and the hull is in good shape without blisters. Of course we looked at a lot more than that, but those are the heavy hitters.

We already have a splash date scheduled; January 3rd. So we are working to clean her up, get spares and provisions and get her ready to sail. So far we are on schedule. Let's just hope we don't sink this one....

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James Hart
James Hart
12 de jan. de 2019

diggin the new website and new boat!


Edward Grant
Edward Grant
11 de jan. de 2019

Just came over from your Youtube channel and have learned lots of stuff so far. So happy you found this boat so fast and look forward to following you kids on this next adventure in much warmer climates! It's good to be a "Frie"!

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